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5th January 2010, 08:08 AM
Anyone on here use the vodaphone network? How do people find voda?

5th January 2010, 09:01 AM
I was on Voda for 3 years and loved their service.

Then when the 3G was released here I went over to optus, had the worst experience of my life and transfered back to voda when the 3GS was released.

Their customer service I believe is by far the best in the mobile world, I get great service all the places I need it, and find their rates very competitive.

But remember, if you're leaving the city regually, nothing beats telstras next g coverage.

5th January 2010, 11:20 AM
My 2 cents worth...

Mallo? are we talking about the same Vodafone?????

Prior to my iPhone I was with Vodafone on pre-paid for years and loved it. Easy, efficient, great deals and no need to deal with their service department.

Then the beginning of 2009 I succumbed to the iPhone temptation and my litany of woes began....(this is only a few of my troubles by the way)...:mad:

Took me 2 months to get the new SIM card activated.
Regular (almost every month) errors on my bill which weren't corrected even though they were notified before it was due to come off my credit card.
Appallingly unhelpful customer service people who promise the earth then claim they cant help me for various lame arse resons.
3 promised free months failed to appear and I only got them after the one and only helpful customer service guy I encountered forced them through for me.
and LARA!!!!!!!!!!!!! the stupid voice activated phone messaging service you encounter each time you call the inaccurately named Vodafone Customer Care number. It is sooooo slow to work through and continually put me through to the wrong department and I even had 3 Vodafone customer service people say they hate her too.

Coverage is OK around the metro area but drops off rapidly round the outskirts. Country coverage is OK in towns,

Since I am locked into a 2 year contract which will cost me an arm and a leg and my first born to escape, I am stuck with them until end of 2010 but as soon as I can I will flee back to prepaid and escape the need to ever talk to Vodafone Customer Care (sarcastic laughter -har har har) again.:)

Granny Smith
5th January 2010, 11:41 AM
I'm on the Vodafone $69 iPhone plan. My observations:
- Never had excess usage issues - it's always cost me $69 a month.
- Have had coverage issues when visiting country Victoria. Lashed out and put $30 on a pre-paid Telstra SIM and used the Next G network and a little Sagem handset while travelling. Eye-wateringly expensive - after a day or so, credit was down to $8 after 22 minutes of talk time. Clearly not the best solution, but relatively effective for what I needed at the time. (Telstra SIM now sits in a drawer for next time I travel.)
- Lara shits me to tears.
- Customer service has never been less than helpful.
- Website is only barely OK: it can be slow, its search functionality is weak and I've lost track of the various PINs, passwords and account-level this-and-that that I need in order to get things done, so I usually end up having to deal with the dreaded Lara.
- Coverage in metro Sydney/Melbourne/Adelaide (and other major cities/towns I've visited) is fine.
- Internet tethering works perfectly with USB connection to laptop; Bluetooth tethering is slightly trickier but I do not think that's a Voda issue.
What else?

Alec Fraser
5th January 2010, 11:54 AM
The biggest issue I have with Voda is coverage and it really does depend on where you live/travel to. It has improved in the regional centers since August 09 when their new 3G network went live...but on the iPhone that just means you get Edge coverage where there was spotty coverage before because the 3G and 3GS don't support the new 3G frequency that Voda have used for their regional network.

Most of the places I travel to have good coverage. But at home, because of the makeup of the building I go from full 3G in the driveway to 2 bars on 2G inside and when I'm at home I often have shitty call quality and dropped calls. Up until we moved into the place we're in now, I'd never had any trouble at home.

I also manage mobile phones for work, and we primarily use Voda so from all the feedback that I get on an almost daily basis, I can assure you that it really does depend on where you live and where you travel to.

If you think it may be an issue, grab a cheap prepaid SIM pack and give it a shot for a week...that should give you a good indication of what to expect.

In terms of value for money and support, I'm really happy with Vodafone. And, like I said, I deal with them almost daily and I don't have any issues account wise, aside from Lara getting on my nerves occasionally.

8th January 2010, 06:33 PM
Granny Smith sums it up beautifully. I am on a $29 plan with the $9 data extra. Never had any billing or account dramas, however gave the web pages a miss and use their Xpress app on my desktop.

Mac Monk
21st January 2010, 11:35 AM
Granny Smith

You need to either:-

1/ Change your picture to a granny smith or,
2/ Change your name to Pink Lady.

Do not, for whatever reason, think a pink lady can galavant around pretending to be a granny smith - you will get found out!

21st January 2010, 12:46 PM
I'm on the Vodafone $69 iPhone plan. My observations:
- Coverage in metro Sydney/Melbourne/Adelaide (and other major cities/towns I've visited) is fine.
- Internet tethering works perfectly with USB connection to laptop; Bluetooth tethering is slightly trickier but I do not think that's a Voda issue.
What else?
I find Vodafone 3G coverage is patchy at best, even in the inner cities of Sydney, Melbourne.
Data throughput is abominably slow during the day; at 3am-5am it's pretty fast.
Since 3 roaming customers were registered on Vodafone towers, I have had continuing issues (no data, failed calls, incorrect signal strength, problems I had never had this frequently before) but that is improving based on circumstantial evidence.
Internet tethering has proved useful, and generally hassle-free for someone with good Mac knowledge.
Edge GPRS seems an improvement over the previous Vodafone rural network, but not as fast as Telstra Edge was on 2G iPhone
I have been misled by stupid/deceitful Vodafone staff at times, and had one good experience when I complained and was switched on to a 12 month contract.
I have been trying to get my handset unlocked after the discount should have kicked in after the initial six month period, but I cannot presently, and am being given the run around by staff who genuinely seem to know nothing, and can do nothing to help.
If you get an Indian call-centre operator, hang up and call back until you get an Australian one; everything takes five times longer otherwise.
Lara shits me to tears.

However, it has been an improvement over the charlatans at Virgin Mobile on the Optus network, and Optus themselves. I cannot wait to switch to Telstra now I have experienced the two major alternatives.

22nd January 2010, 10:58 AM
Been with them for quite a few years now without too many problems and they always seem to provide quite good incentives close to the end of contract periods for me to stay. Current plan offering unlimited calls and 2gig data is awesome.


Lately have had problems around the metro area with no service holes, never had this happen previously on the network.

and anyplace outside of the metro area its very hit and miss and I HATE the edge network you end up on, whilst those around me on Telstra are still on 3G.