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2nd January 2010, 02:10 PM
I'm not a very experienced Mac user and I have a problem with my computer.

It seems to be slow & makes a lot of "thinking" noises, but not all the time my computer is slow. It seems to come and go and I don't know why. I've checked my memory and it's not even half full, and I always check the command-option-escape thing to make sure I don't have a heap of programs open. My internet connection is wireless and usually okay. I get a lot of non-responsive programs as well.

I've read a book about Mac OS X Leopards and it refers to the little thinking icon that comes up as the "spinning beach ball of death" and I can understand why because it drives me nuts. For example, I've tried to add the drawing toolbar to my Microsoft Word toolbar numerous times and it freezes every time. I can't even do command-option-esc and have to just manually turn the thing off. I've read that I should un-install the program (I would have to do so with the whole Office suite of programs I assume) but I don't really want to have to do that.

One of the reasons I switched to Macs from PC's is the slow-for-no-apparent-reason and freezing (there were other reasons too) and it's driving me nuts! I hope someone can help. I don't know much about doing things like de-fragmenting (??) etc (I've seen them done on PC's; not sure if you do them on Macs) so if there are any suggestions like that please speak in dummy-friendly terms!


2nd January 2010, 04:43 PM
First off:

What model Mac do you have?
What CPU and memory configuration does it have?
What version of Leopard do you have

You can find this information by clicking on the little Apple icon in the top left corner, and selecting "About this Mac"

How many applications do you have open at the time it appears to run slow?