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12th August 2005, 05:13 PM
Hello all, this is my first post here and I was hoping for some advice, as detailed below, apologies -in advance- for my verbosity, but I think it best to give a full account.

I bought an Apple G3 iBook a few years ago, after a short period of time the logic board went and was replaced under warranty. Shortly after(and after warranty expiration) the logic board went again. I was seriously annoyed and put what, for me, was a very expensive toy for writing, away in disgust. I've been meaning to have it fixed but the thought of it re-occuring ad nuaseum was enough to hold me from it, even though it has a great deal of writing on it that I do not wish to lose(and, thus, lies in stasis).

I decided that Apples were a massive joke, agreeing with those friends of mine who care about computers and are uniformly of the PC ilk. It was hard for my to argue any other way when my one and only foray into the world of Apple ended in such a resounding manner.

Now, my girlfriend was on the train this morning and got to talking to a fellow about all sorts of things and this eventually lead to computers and he said that there was some sort of recall/exchange for these massively faulty computers. Is this true? Please say yes. If so, where in Melbourne/the world do I go?

Thank you all in advance!

12th August 2005, 05:26 PM
go here (http://www.apple.com/au/support/ibook/faq/)

12th August 2005, 05:28 PM
just be aware of the following. if you laptop is more than three years old then it won't be covered by this program

12th August 2005, 05:32 PM
I've been keeping my eye on this because I'm looking at buying a s/h G3 Ibook. I did note the following:

"The program covers affected iBooks for three years after the first retail sale of the unit or until 18 March 2005"

I hope yours is still covered for you.

12th August 2005, 05:57 PM
Yippee! I would seem that mine is still covered until November, and seeing that I will be in Switzerland then, I shouldn't dally and tomorrow I shall pop into Flinders Street on the way to Kardinia to watch the Cats beat Melbourne(I hope...) and let them sort it out. It sounds like a patch type fix it job where they simply "repair" it, as opposed to a true replacement, but I can hope that all might be well with some sort of improved logic board. Thank you all for you help!