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10th August 2005, 08:27 PM
This is a software and hardware question.
I want to save some of the recording from my Foxtel IQ box on a dvd.
I was looking at the EyeTV 200 units because svideo and 2xrca audio is fine for what i want to do.
Also the software will make life easy simply record it and import to idvd and done.
But... they aren't the cheapest units around $500 is thier another type of device for a mac i can use.

I dont want to schedule a recording just want to press a record button and prob edit out the ad's.
I was looking at capture cards but i dont know what to get and then also i have a problem what software to use for this.
I was also looking at imovie but i tried playing with that once before and imovie to idvd is a pain one minute a 40minute file takes up 1/3 a dvd the next file is too big to fit on a disc.
It seems more confusing then simple.

I've got a powermac G5 and a powerbook G4 so i could use a pci card but what ?
any thoughts ?

Mac Aid
10th August 2005, 09:27 PM
You may find these usefull



10th August 2005, 10:23 PM
You want a cheap way to get S-video and RCA from the Foxtel box into a mac?

Get your hands on an old digital camcorder (MiniDV or Digital8). Most will have the ability to take analogue input via the standard analogue output jacks (normally used to connect the camera to a TV).

You should then be able to connect the firewire directly to your mac and record the passthrough signal.

Foxtel Analogue -> Camera Analogue In / Camera Firewire Out -> Mac Firewire In

Quality is quite decent using S-Video.

10th August 2005, 10:33 PM
so any dv camcorder with av?
anyone ever done this ?

10th August 2005, 11:16 PM
it says audio video out, shouldnt they be input?

10th August 2005, 11:30 PM
firewire dv cam's seem to be $600 plus.

11th August 2005, 08:58 AM
Maybe consider a secondhand camera - Digital8 should be fairly cheap. And you'll be able to use the camera for regular filming if you like.

Basically, most cameras have analogue outputs (s-video + an a/v minijack which splits to 3 RCA plugs). On all the cameras I've worked with (sony, panasonic & jvc), when input is plugged into the output jacks they can decect the signal and magically become input jacks.

Either let the signal pass straight through to the firewire output, or if that doesn't work record the analogue signal to the camera's tape and then play it back through firewire later.

Quality using s-video is better than VHS (as expected) but not as good as a stright digitial-to-digital recording.

EDIT: How much are you looking to spend? I have a Sony DV-cam that no longer works as a regular camera (microphone buzzing interference), but still works great as a pass-through device.

Peter Wells
11th August 2005, 10:33 AM
I've done it, it works. In final cut just set the capture preferences to "Non-controllable Device" or you'll get a no signal message.

Quicktime 7 has direct video record but i havent tried it in this way yet. It might make the whole thing even easier...