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7th December 2009, 02:19 PM
Hey guys.
I got the old version of macbook white (bought 3 months ago). 2.13ghz, 2gb ddr2, etc etc. I'm a windows man but i bought this little gem for my small home studio recording set-up using Logic/garage band.
I just attached an external 23" screen to it using the DVI/mini-dvi port. Its a 23" LCD.
Everything works perfect. 2 screens display together no dramas.
However, here is my issue. I need to shut the macbook physically and have everything display on the external monitor. Now ticking the mirroring box kind of fixes this but as soon as i shut the macbook, it goes to sleep.
I cannot find any prefferences relating to this anywhere. Any ideas ?

PS. reason for wanting to just have everything display on the big screen and shut the macbook is, for when i have garageband or logic opened and dragged (maximized) on the big screen, the top menu stays on the smaller (macbook) screen which is dead annoying...

7th December 2009, 04:16 PM
OK, there are a few things here.
Firstly, you can use the big external monitor as the main screen with menubar and all. In the Displays preferences, drag the white menubar from the small internal screen respresentation to the large external screen that should be right next to it. After that, the external will be the main monitor when plugged in.

Secondly, to close the lid and use only the external, plug in a keyboard and mouse along with the screen. Close the lid; it will all go to sleep. Wake up the laptop using the space bar on the external keyboard. The MB should now wake up and use the external as its only screen.

Thirdly, if you want the MB to run while closed without using an external keyboard ans mouse, you need Insomnia.

7th December 2009, 07:08 PM
Excellent. Thanks a lot for your reply Coxy. Yes i do use external k/b and mouse and the space bar on external kb trick worked perfectly for what i needed. Cheers.