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8th August 2005, 04:41 PM
I hope someone can help.. I am totally clueless when it comes to Apple's as I am a windows girl LOL

I have purchased a 2nd hand 15" Powerbook as a gift for someone .When I originally spoke to the seller it had Ilife on it (GarageBand is the main part we need) ..but prior to purchase he wiped all his data and using the 2 discs that came with it set the computer back to "as new". Now all the iLife stuff is gone!!

The only discs I have with it are labelled "Powerbook G4 Software Install and Restore" disc 1 & 2.(he said they were all he got with the computer new). Would iLife be on these and would I have to re-install the Mac OS to get them onto the computer?? Or is iLife totally seperate and I have to go and buy a new version?

Hope I have made sense !! B)

soul assasin
8th August 2005, 04:54 PM
It depends on the model of the PowerBook.
Depends how old it is depends if it came with GarageBand, GarageBand 2 or none at all.

That said, if he advertised it using GarageBand it might be on the restore disks.

Hope that helps… :)

8th August 2005, 05:09 PM
Which Powerbook is it? Or better yet: which version of OSX is on those discs? (it'll say 10.3.x or 10.4.x)

Depending on that - the version of iLife might not have Garageband in it...

To install iLife from a disc that came with your mac:

Put in the CD, click "install other applications" or in the Tiger installs "Install Bundled Software Only".
From there, it'll open an installer.... and you'll need to click through it till you see a "Customize" button appear.

Click it, and make sure Garageband (if it is in the list) is ticked, and press "Upgrade" or "Install". It will ask you for your password, then begin its installation.

If Garageband isn't on the Disk, then you've got an installer that came out before iLife05 was shipping with new computers, in which case you'll have to find Garageband elsewhere. :/

12th August 2005, 08:44 AM
Hi..thanks for the replies.

It's a G4 Powerbook about 11 months old.

On the label of Restore Disk 1 it says
MAC OS version 10.3.4
AHT version 2.2
DVD version 1.0

I don't get the "install Bundled Software " option when I insert disc 1 so looks like it's not on these discs.. never mind..I managed to get win a copy of iLife 04 on eBay last night so hopefully that will work.

Now I'm off to try and work out how to connect it to the internet...this could be fun!!

12th August 2005, 09:01 AM
ilife comes in a separate cd. you will only get imovie, iphoto and itunes on the system software restore cd's. i belive idvd and garage band came on a different cd with panther eg. ilife04, 05. you may have to get yourself a copy of ilife 05 which will give you the latest version of garage band and the other ilife applications. ilife works well on 10.3.9 so you won't have to upgrade to tiger if you don't have the need to.

hope this helps