View Full Version : Cure for a dead adapter...stick it in the fridge!

6th December 2009, 10:54 PM
Hi all,

Recently I've been having trouble with my MBP (85 W) power adapter. It would intermittently stop working and then a while later would work again. But then it seemingly died for good so I took it in to get serviced (replaced) and while it wasn't working when I took it in (they tested it over the counter), they later called me and said that it was!

A few days later it stopped working again and nothing I tried could get it to charge my laptop...until that is I decided to stick it in the fridge! Just half an hour in the fridge plus some time to restore to room temperature and it's working great!

I've been playing some 3D games in Boot Camp and in the hotter weather lately I've noticed it getting extremely hot, to the point you can't hold it for more than a few seconds! I read online that it has a temperature sensor that shuts it off before it bursts into flames and burns your house down (not a good look for Apple) but it seemingly doesn't seem to reset itself until you cool it significantly, and the hotter Summer weather isn't allowing that. I wonder if that's what they did in the NB to get it working...or maybe they have air con, which was enough! (I'm not so lucky as to have air con at home...).

Maybe I'm way off track, but the fridge thing definitely worked!


7th December 2009, 08:28 AM
It hasn't been that hot in Sydney lately and I wouldn't have thought Apple would have devices running that close to their limits... but then it is form over function as far as Steve is concerned.
I do note that the adaptors do get pretty toasty when in use, I wonder what the "normal" and "cut off" temps actually are??

8th December 2009, 01:36 PM
I hear this works with a lot of electronics. Cooling it will shrink the components and after taking it out it will expand when heating and is likely to push circuits back into there original place if they have somehow been damaged.