View Full Version : iPhoto not exporting?

30th November 2009, 09:35 PM

iMac G4, 10.4.11, iPhoto 08... wont export a photo/s. IE Select photo/s, file->Export... = no visible response.

Any thoughts? No idea if it's just started or always been this way... (parents' iMac)



Granny Smith
1st December 2009, 06:20 AM
Hi Cosmic,
Can't offer an answer to your specific problem BUT at some stage someone is likely to suggest you reinstall iPhoto, I'd guess, and that's what this response is about: back up your photo library first. It's probably unnecessary to tell you that, but I've had some bad experiences with photos disappearing when mucking around with iPhoto. Even now, there are still blank thumbnails in the library, and iPhoto says it can't open or find the images.

1st December 2009, 03:16 PM
Yeah... was thinking that would be the best option. I hate iPhoto...

Can't even figure out a way to get it to email photos without using the email button... that is - when using the email button in iPhoto 8, it creates the new email with the selected photos. BUT, some PC users have complained to my parents that this method doesn't allow them to print the photos. Yes, that's a PC issue.. but, if you use Mail instead, and attach the photos, ticking "Make PC friendly", then it works ok. BUT, iPhoto now stores all the pics in a big library file... so you can't just go hunt down the pic you want... sucky!