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6th August 2005, 12:52 AM
Can anyone help with my issue. Under pressure I have a PC installed in my shop several suburbs away from my home where I have my iMac G5. I would like to access my PC desktop so that I continue work without interruption from those annoying customers who only care about buying stuff while I am trying to work on the PC (bloody selfish, I call it). I tried "Chicken of VNC", "MS Remote Desktop Connection" & even phoning Apple Care (I knew more than they did). I use the PC's IP (dynamic) address each time but all to no effect. The PC has a router and is networked to another PC. I think that may be the problem - I think I need to "map" the routers's port - whatever that means! How do I that? Can anyone help? :blink:

6th August 2005, 08:48 AM
If you're using VNC:

- On the PC side make sure no firewall is blocking port 5900
- On the PC's router you need to redirect traffic from port 5900 to your PC's internal IP address (find it using ipconfig). Look for "port forwading" or "virtual server" (or similar) in your router's config.
- Start the VNC server on the PC

- On the mac use your VNC viewer to connect to the router's external IP address.
- If you have any troubles, try pinging the IP address.

Finally, I'll just add that I've have troubles with Chicken of VNC (unsupported compression scheme errors) - VNC Dimension (http://www.mdimension.com/Software/VNCDimension-0.7.10.dmg) (mac) with TightVNC (http://www.tightvnc.com/) (PC) works well for me.

6th August 2005, 08:54 AM
You need to get into the router's configuration and set up port forwarding (sometimes called mapping) which will allow the connection to work.

Data flows through ports with TCP/IP. Web pages come through port 80, FTP goes through port 21 etc. You can change these ports around... VNC generally runs through ports 5500, 5800 and 5900. One of these is for actual VNC (i.e. using Chicken of the VNC), the other is usually for a web interface to the VNC. I forget which is which.
I think 5900 is the proper one.

Anyway, you need to jump over to http://www.portforward.com/routers.htm
Select your modem/router (which will hopefully be in the list)
With any luck the next page will have a link to "Port Forwarding for the <Brand> <Model>"
Click that, and follow the instructions.

6th August 2005, 04:49 PM
Thank you very much to dangelovich & to geektechnu. I will certainly be putting you advices into action. Will let you know of the outcome. - much apprectiated.


9th August 2005, 05:54 PM
Hi guys, it&#39;s me again - sad to say I didn&#39;t have much luck after attempting to follow your advice.

The router attached to the shop&#39;s PC is a SpeedTouch Home and I could not find its details on the Port Forwarding site or the any other relevant sites for that matter.

I checked out the firewall setting on the PC which is running XP Pro by the way. The instructions for the firewall state that it is able to block out other "intruders" like spyware etc and still permit remote access.

I then went to a friend&#39;s home and attempted to gain remote access on her PC using TightVNC client on her machine and TightVNC server on the shop&#39;s PC but still unable to gain access. Naturally, when I later tried on my own Mac it also failed.

Any more ideas & assistance greatfully received.

Bru. :(

14th August 2005, 10:37 AM
I still think it&#39;s a router issue
See if you can find anything about it (google manufacturers web site etc) The config is going to be the issue.

If your running tiger the most recent version of the network utlity (possibly older versions I&#39;m not sure) has a port scan option so you can probe the router port from the out side and see if those ports are active or closed....

As you can see from this screen shot I&#39;m running a web server on

15th August 2005, 09:21 AM
In order to use "MS Remote Desktop Connection" ... you need to enable Remote Desktop on the PC first.

Then you&#39;ll need to forward the port through your router.

Default RDP port is 3389

Use a different one on the outside as ppl will scan for 3389 and attack it. There&#39;s an exploit where you can cause a denial of service.

I&#39;ve got a SpeedTouch Home ADSL modem, but it&#39;s not a router, it&#39;s just a modem. Is this what you&#39;ve got ?