View Full Version : Remap Delete Key

5th August 2005, 11:18 AM
I want to map my Powerbook Keyboard so that the Delete key normally deletes forward, and backward when I use Fn + Delete (ie, the reverse of what it does now). For MY uses, and coming from 20 years of Windows, I find the forward delete more intuitve and useful, especially when trying to edit long documents; I find the time taken to find the Fn key onerous, especially when I'm trying to combine it with other keys, eg, the Option key. I acknowledge that others may not agree with me; I just want to work with it my way, and I want it to work that way in every application.

I've read a few web pages on uControl and PowerDelete but am unsure whether these are not going to cause more problems than they solve (I've seen some particularly uncomplimentary entries about PowerDelete). I thought I'd read somewhere a way I could do this via the Mac equivalent of the Registery, but I can't find the article. Has anyone any experience of uControl/PowerDelete, or suggestions about how to achieve what I want?