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9th November 2009, 02:22 PM
After seeing the macheist bundle on offer just now, I decided to do some digging around for cheap/heavily discounted mac software bundle sites.

Here's what I've found, if you know of any others and would like to share it would be great.

MacHeist nanoBundle (http://www.macheist.com) (currently a free bundle on offer)
Big discounts and great deals on Mac software every day - MacUpdate Promo (http://www.mupromo.com) (offers discounted software and occasionally software bundles)
TheMacBundles Home (http://www.themacbundles.com) (currently has a bundle on offer)
The Mac Sale (http://www.themacsale.com) (currently has a bundle on offer)
MacZOT | One Great Mac Software. Daily. | (http://www.maczot.com) (discount software every 24 hours usually)

Here's a new one I've just seen come up in a banner on mactalk, it will have a bundle for sale in about a week.

MacGraPhoto - Mac OS X graphics applications bundle (http://www.macgraphoto.com/)

9th November 2009, 02:27 PM
Good idea,

one of the bundles had crossover games which i bought by its self for the same price as the bundle!

o well