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8th July 2004, 07:01 PM
So now we all know the iPod mini shall be here in Australia on the 24th of July. Sure its much smaller than a normal iPod, and of course it looks cool. But at $399 its only $50 cheaper then a 15Gb iPod at $449.
So the question is:
Who is going to buy what and when?

Personally i'm going to stick it out until the 4th generation iPods might/will be released. That may be months away, maybe a year or even more. We will just have to wait and see.

In my opinion there would possibly be the following improvements in the 4G iPod range that should give people incentive to buy them over the mini. ie: Larger storage capacity (20Gb, 40Gb and 60Gb maybe?)
Anodized aluminium case like the mini?
Slightly cheaper if same storage range kept
Colour screen?
More ram (64Mb, 128Mb) to promote or increase battery life

Like to hear if anyone is planning on buying an iPod mini or is going to save and wait for the mythical 4G iPods.
And also your ideas on what could or should go into the 4th gen iPods

8th July 2004, 07:21 PM
Originally posted by frenchtoast@Jul 8 2004, 06:31 PM
Who is going to buy what and when?
Personally I wouldn't bother buying an iPod mini for the simple fact that my music collection is well over 4GB (about 12GB and counting.)

I think we might see a few 3g iPods up for sale here soon I know that OziMac is selling his to buy a mini and honestly if I had the money I wouldn't go past a decent second hand 40GB.

I don't think we'll see Apple drop the price of the iPod's any time soon. Although I do think that the next iPod revision will bring something more than larger capacity to the iPod's.

I don't really see much sense in adding a colour screen, maybe more RAM. And I think they should leave the adonised aluminium to the mini's.

What I would like to see is Wireless connectivity, a line-in for recording (live gig's etc.) Maybe support for four channel audio (I know, I'm dreaming.) Besides that there's not really much more to make the iPod the ultimate music playing machine.

8th July 2004, 07:48 PM
I'll be buying an iPod mini for my girlfriend, a very late Christmas present after my initial orders fell through!

For her it's idea, it's much smaller than a regular iPod and much tougher so there'll be no need to worry when she goes jogging or takes it to the gym. 4 gig is plenty for most people, whilst my MP3 collection is much larger I'm rarely away from home long enough that I'd ever need more than 4 gig of MP3's on me at one time. Of course the regular iPod does have a number of benefits like the camera card reader.

There was an interesting post on appleinsier.com a month or two ago about the new chipset which has been confirmed for the next generation of iPods. IIRC it supported a lot of cool features like video playback, and being able to communicate directly with a printer for printing stored photos amongst other things. However I doubt we will see more than a couple of the new things supported by the new chipset in the next gen iPods. Personally I'd be keen to use an iPod to store video so i could hook it up to a TV for playback and printing directly from the iPod would be pretty cool especially on holiday where printers are often abundant but decent computers aren't!

8th July 2004, 08:41 PM
i kinda want to get an ipod mini but the thing is its only 4 gb and my music collection will be surpassing that very soon. it is also $100 per gb if you want to put it that way.

i am hoping paris expo will bring new ipods and new imacs. its not a big wish. imacs are confirmed. ipods - well, apple will want to get ipods ready for the christmas season. apple hasn't updated the ipod for ages since last year and people should be expecting new ipods soon. if there isn't new ipods at paris. many people are expecting apple to add many things to the ipod because of the recent competition. bare in mind too, the 60 gb drives for the ipods will confirmed by toshiba early this year and suppose to be shipping the drives in july/august.

steve has said recently there are now current plans to release colour / video ipods. he doesn't believe in the thing

one would also expect the new ipods would be the same price or even more expensive. they couldn't make it cheaper unless they lower the price of the mini which won't happen any time soon.

whatever happens i am not buying ipod minis until the 4g ipod is out.

8th July 2004, 08:52 PM
When you compare the $100 per gig ratio, it really does blow those little flash players out of the water.

The mini is ideal for me. I have to carry around alot, mobile, wallet, PDA, phone etc. The mini is small, so it's going to fit alot easier than a normal one. My music collection woudl quite easilly span past the largest iPod if I digitised it all, but the music I listen to, and would want to listen to does not. It's going to be used for things such as aircraft flights, car trips, public transport, walking and quite extensive riding. It's tough, small and just fits my needs, which when it comes down to the five yard line, is all that really matters.

Oh, and the colors are just an added bonus. Still having trouble deciding though, green or pink?

8th July 2004, 09:08 PM
I'll most probably be buying the mid-range 4G iPod when it's released (possibly the largest, depending on price). The Mini's a nice little product....but it's not for me.

8th July 2004, 09:13 PM
I will get a normal ipod as size and style doesnt bother me at all. Firstly the normal ipods are small and look good anyway.

I will use the ipod to store all my music, so i need way more than 4GB, more like 20+.

Plus i want to use it for , voice recording lectures and things like that, radio broadcasts etc..

The best thing is that its a digital photo storage facility for me when im on holiday etc, which is the biggest bonus cos i take a shite load of photos and need the space, and the fact that its got music on it to makes it awesome for travelling.

I took this other device called an xdrive2 which is still great but with an ipod i will be travelling much lighter, as i dont need an MD, Xdrive2 and all the powercable that go with them..

Ipod mini's are obviously worth it to the 000's or millions of backorder people who have been waiting for so long to get them... plus they are alot better than those 128MB players you see down at JB hifi for $299 etc...

9th July 2004, 11:59 PM
the_aragon yes, i suffer the same problem of a music collection to large as well.

buying a mini seems to restrict what you would want to listen to if your out and about and want to listen to something in particular but didnt have room to put it on. id rather just have everything on an ipod then be spending hours making smart playlists for different occasions.

i would still like to see a white anodized aluminium ipod
and the line in would have to be a priority for the 4thG pid

10th July 2004, 12:06 AM
I'll get the standard 15 gig iPod. As sexy as the iPod mini's are, a 15 gig iPod is still cheap, and provides much better value for money. Plus, i *NEED* more than 4 gigs of space if i'm going to get one of these things.

10th July 2004, 10:32 AM
Originally posted by frenchtoast@Jul 9 2004, 11:59 PM
the_aragon yes, i suffer the same problem of a music collection to large as well.

buying a mini seems to restrict what you would want to listen to if your out and about and want to listen to something in particular but didnt have room to put it on. id rather just have everything on an ipod then be spending hours making smart playlists for different occasions.
Well I have 140gb of MP3's and my 15gb iPod copes well :)
It's so easy to transfer music over, or create playlists of your favourite stuff.
But the day Apple makes a 160gb iPod is the day I will be in musical nirvana :P

12th July 2004, 02:14 PM
Sure enough on Saturday the entire amount for our mini ipod order came off our credit card... I thought this was odd.

Today the funds still hadn't come back or show as taken with a comment line. I called Apple...

Basically after stuffing around they told me yes we did bill the entire amount to confirm your cc had enough funds. I go interesting. And then I was told the funds will be credited back in the next few days (they quoted 10). Although the funds will come back sooner then that, cause if the bank doesn't get paperwork matching the electronic transfer, the funds automatically come back. Still its a bit odd they felt fit to pull the entire amount as a test (3 days after ordering it)

Waiting game still now..

13th July 2004, 12:08 AM
I might use my David Jones voucher to buy it, which means I'll have to wait. That is if I can't find anything else to buy from David Jones.