View Full Version : iPhone sync through iTunes Home Sharing?

1st November 2009, 11:22 PM
Not sure if this has been touched before. Haven't had much luck searching the forums here and on the internet.

I have activated Home Sharing and love that I can play my iTunes music on both mini and MBA.

I have all my apps/backups etc on my MBA, and with is limited capacity, could not hold all my music on its HDD. Have shifted it over to the mini and only copied the music I want on my iPhone from the mini to the MBA iTunes home folder though Home Sharing.

Was wondering if I created a playlist on the mini that included all the music I wanted to sync to the iPhone, made sure Home Sharing was enabled through my iTunes on my MBA, could I just sync that playlist? This would bypass my local iTunes directory and save up even more HDD space.

Theoretically, this should work. Its like syncing a normal playlist that's on the local directory, but instead it's from the Home Sharing directory.

Any thoughts before I wipe out my music from the MBA local drive...

2nd November 2009, 02:01 AM
It does sounds like it would work to me as well, also in theory!

Is there a way you can do it with just a few tracks in the playlist do a test run, then sync it and see if it picks it up over the network before deleting the MBair? Should be straightforward to do that.

That's what I'd try before I hit the delete button for sure!

Edit: this all depends on playlists syncing well and I've always somehow thought they were local to the machine to ensure the file pathways are correct.

3rd November 2009, 03:10 PM
Short answer: no.

Tried it just now, and it won't let me "drag & drop" the playlist listed via Home Sharing to the iPhone tab or even my local Music directory. *sigh* So much potential. I guess Home Sharing is only for accessing media content on one computer to be played and have the content downloaded on another. In terms of syncing to peripheral devices like an iPod or iPhone, that cannot be done