View Full Version : Importing old iTunes/ iPhoto libraries into new HDD install

26th October 2009, 07:51 PM
I've just upgraded my MB HDD and did a clean install of Snow Leopard and iLife09 (I was using Tiger/ iLife07 before)

Prior to upgrading I made a clone of my old HDD on an external USB disk, but as I don't want the whole thing on my new HDD, just the data I 'need', I didn't migrate the entire User/ Apps folders when I installed OSX.

Now I'm trying to import my iTunes and iPhoto libraries from the backup, but having some hassles.

When I choose to Import from my cloned backup, the music/ image files themselves seem to be importing OK , but:-

How do I import my old iTunes playlists into my new iTunes library? How do I import my old iPhoto albums into my new iPhoto library?
I seem to be getting a lot of duplicated imported files in my new iPhoto libary - even though I said 'no' to importing duplicates - any idea why it's happening and how I can stop it? I'm really trying to avoid a cluttered HDD...

Many thanks...