View Full Version : Which One Last Longer Pb12" Or Ibook12"

29th July 2005, 10:36 PM
I am planning to get second apple notebook, what I want is small and long battery hour.
So which one last longer? PB 12" or iBook 12"?


29th July 2005, 10:51 PM
I couldnt tell you about the powerbook, but as for my ibook 12" I get about 4 hours while running at automatic processor performance, and running programs like itunes, Illustrator and safari at once.

The thing is that there are alot of variables, like speaker volume, screen brightness, what settings you have on in the battery prefs, so you'll probably get alot of mixed responses, your best bet would be to do a quick search in google as reviewers would have specific ways of testing the battery life and would use the one system everything they review.

30th July 2005, 02:45 AM
Thanks for the response.

I know there must be a lot of different experience, so I want to know some real numbers instead of the lab number from Apple's website. It claims that iBook 12" can last for 6 hours.

I guess it means to switch of the WiFi, dim the screen to the lowest level, no sound and running 1 or 2 programs. In other word, it means dont use the computer.

I will be happy if I can use 5 hours smoothly but it seems to be less likely to happen to any current model of iBook and PowerBook.

30th July 2005, 03:29 AM
the powerbook will not last as long as an iBook, in my opinion. Powerbooks run hotter, and have better, more energy consuming screens.

30th July 2005, 08:00 AM
I can get about 4.5 hours from my Rev D 12" Powerbook. It certainly is a lot cooler than the Rev C model was. It doesn't really get that hot (I use it on my lap often). On the other hand my partner's iBook gets about 6 hours battery life.

I guess the Powerbook has a more power consuming graphics card to begin with, but on either if you are sensible and turn off the features you don't need when using your battery you will maximise it's length of use. Turn off the sound card (mute), turn off BT, turn the brightness down and set your Energy Saver settings for Longest Battery.

30th July 2005, 10:35 AM
I can get around 5:30 from my iBook G4 14" 1.33Ghz which beats any of the powerbook range as they will only get to around 4:30 or even 4

30th July 2005, 10:39 AM
The 12" iBook / Powerbook have the same screen from what I can gather.

I recently used X-Charge to measure my battery usage / life & end up with 4:15 hours.
This was with WiFi constantly on & also included watching a DVD for ~1 hour.

The energy saver time estimate is not really the best thing to go by.

6th August 2005, 12:39 AM
It seems that iBook is good choice, especially the new iBook just released.

Thanks for everyone's help.