View Full Version : Markspace Missing Sync For Windows Mobile Released

29th July 2005, 06:15 PM
I happened to drop by the Markspace website today for my daily ritual of seeing if they had released the Tiger compatible Missing Sync for Pocket PC's yet, and what do you know, it is out!

And how good is it! It makes PocketMac and the old missing sync look like a DOS app, and makes the Palm Conduit look like a dribbling mess.

Groups, Categories, Home/Work fields etc all are now synchronised! Palm can eat my shorts! (I wish I didn't have to say that, I do like my Tungsten T5 - it just doesn't synch everything I need).

Too many other features to name here, but this makes PocketPC the best handheld device now for astute Mac users, giving you the capabilty to take with you everything you have gotten used to in iLife whilst giving you the option to sync in with Entourage too.

Check it out: Mark/Space Website (http://www.markspace.com)