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20th October 2009, 04:35 PM
Hey Mactalkers,

Im trying to sort out a issue with logging on to my school network.
Currently to access you must first go through a cisco login and then after change your proxy and login to the proxy to access the internet.

This has been an ongoing problem and with each mac os x update is getting more inconvenient. In addition i am the go to guy for mac's for a few of my teachers that have them as the IT guy doesnt know anything about mac's.

In tiger i had to locations one without the proxy and one with the proxy. i would login using the first location then swap locations then login using the proxy. THis worked as when you swapped locations it wouldnt disconnect the airport.

In leopard this broke so i resorted to using safari to login and then had firefox with a proxy logged in after.

In snow leopard i can do the same though it is annoying as it means that i can only use firefox and cant check my emails through mail etc. So im looking for a fix so that i can either just change locations without it disconnecting or a way that i can just turn the proxy on and off without going into network preferences.

Thanks in advance

20th October 2009, 04:48 PM
Seems like Authoxy should fix your issues. I think this is the exact scenario for which it was developed.

HRSoftWorks :: Products (http://www.hrsoftworks.net/Products.php)

20th October 2009, 04:51 PM
Looks like it may work will have to check tomorrow at school, is there anyway you can have it in the menu bar at the top to stop and start it?

20th October 2009, 04:57 PM
I leave it running all the time, you just need to set one location with the proxy and one without. I use NetworkLocation.app (http://networklocationapp.com/) to automagically switch locations, but MarcoPolo (http://www.symonds.id.au/marcopolo/) does the same thing for free (both are menubar apps).