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17th October 2009, 11:05 AM
Hey guys...

Got a bit of a problem with my system, and a task I thought would be a breeze, but is eating up my time and my sanity!

A few weeks ago, I ran "Clean my mac" (I think thats the name of the app), a program that was supposed to remove unused files suck as language libraries, and the likes. The whole idea is to free up disk space.

Since I have run the app, I have been finding that a large number of apps have been failing or having problems.

The latest has come up with a task I am trying to complete. I have around 10 DV tapes that I need to convert for a friend to DVD, and I was planning to use iDVD to create menus of his holiday trip.

I captured everything in iMovie, and saved it out to my external drive. All tapes converted. Having not used iMovie before, I was surprised that it exported the movie as a mp4... Uhhh... 3
+ hours for the conversion, (300 hours all up for all the tapes <Arrh>) but what the hell.. I want to impress on this project... (Apple pride has kicked in!).

Built the disk in iDVD, let it render another 2 hours... and the disk fails. What?? Done it again, and it fails a second time. This did not happen before I ran "Clean my Mac" and I fire up Final Edit Pro, which refuses to capture footage (hence my use of iMovie, and yes, another symptom of CMM!!!)

OK... So here is where I am. What are my options to get this iMovie footage into DVD form as fast as I can. I would like to bypass rendering it out in iMovie, just cause of the 3 hours+ render time. I have a heap of individual DV files that need to become one, so I can take it to a different DVD creator.

I don't care about fancy at this time. I just want it done. Once its complete, I will reinstall my system and get my mac back to what it once was.

Any recommendations or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Granny Smith
17th October 2009, 12:37 PM
Hi icesplice
I'm not an expert but your post rang a bell somewhere in the deep, dark recesses of what's left of my brain ... some issue I had with iMovie at an earlier stage trying to render a DVD project off an external HD ... from memory, once I shifted the DV files/iMovie project back onto the internal HD it seemed to work.
Also (this was on a pre-Intel Mac) I had some issues with the DVD format I was using ... +R, -R, whatever, being incompatible with my burner (and I remember being really annoyed that the only way it could tell me it didn't like the DVD format was to fail the burn right at the end).
As I said, I'm no expert and I do not know if this is the solution to your problem. But worth a try?

17th October 2009, 09:00 PM
I'll move stuff off my mac, and try it on the internal drive.
Anyone got any ideas for alternate pipelines and programs?