View Full Version : Sound on startup but black screen, earlier Unresolved Kernel Trap

13th October 2009, 08:00 AM
Hi all. very very new to this with Mac. I got 2 iMac globe ( the one that looks as half a globe, neither of them works at the moment.
One is a broken PSU in so that one have to wait.

The other one is the one I have problem with. It has Mac OS X 10.4 I think it was. First it was ok and started and worked fine. I am new to this so I browsed thru it for hours just to check it out, fun and exiting. I turned it off and the day after I swithced to the other computers hard drive.
When starting it it came upp something about a "Unresolved Kernel Trap " and then it went black. I couldnt do anything with my keyboard or mouse so I hold the stsrt button in so it shut down. When trying to start again it only starts with the sound and then the screen is black.

I switch back to the original disk and same thing, sound and then black.

Please anyone help !!!!

I have most experince from Windows and I had a similar problem ones and that was the inverter for the screen.

Anyone who can help me with this ??

I have browsed thru alot of threads here and I understand that the log is very important but since it dont start and my keyboard dont see too be working I dont know what to do. My keyboard is a wireless USB, worked fine at first but dont do anything now. CanI use a nother kb or what??