View Full Version : Trouble Following 10.4.2. Installation

25th July 2005, 02:38 PM
Over the weekend I installed OS 10.4.2 with some difficulty.
Since then I have had nothing but trouble.

I can't open iphoto at all, it puts up a message saying the library was constructed with a version of iphoto that has not been released. (I am using iphoto 5).
It also says to use either iphoto 2 or 4.

Similar problem with the itunes library. Just lost all my playlists and settings.

Any advice? So far Apple have been no help.
I have repaired the disk, and nothing.

Thanks for any help.

25th July 2005, 03:19 PM
silly question, do you have a non apple CD/DVD drive in the machine?.

have you got patch burn installed? if yes to the above?>

might be silly question, but it could be the answer?

25th July 2005, 08:20 PM
It is probably a bit late, but did you back up your files before commencing?

I did a clean instal and used the importer to return my iPhoto library and just copied my iTunes library across.

There were lots of articles linked to this site about the time of Tiger's release so maybe tracking those down might offer you the advice you need.

Have you tried launching iPhoto with apple+option and rebuilding the library?