View Full Version : SLOOOOOW networking between 10.6 machines

26th September 2009, 08:43 AM
Okay, I have a Mac Pro and two Mac minis running Snow Leopard here. No problems at all, has been a smooth ride in, excepting that networking between these machines is excruciatingly slow! I did a search but couldn't find a similar problem. One of these machines is our HTPC and media server.

Basically, try to connect or VNC to any of these machines from another and you're in for a two or three minute wait before anything happens. Whenever I try to connect to a Windows machine over the same network - instant, like 10.5 of old. When I used the G4 PowerBook last night (10.5.8) it also connected instantly, no slowness at all.

Does anyone have any ideas why this may be so? Is anyone else experiencing this problem? 10.6.1 update didn't seem to fix it either.

26th September 2009, 08:50 AM
<<< not helpful but:

I've found networking in 10.6 to be light speed fast, discovery and connection is super quick and data transfer is running close to peak.

How are you screen sharing?

26th September 2009, 08:56 AM
Just using the built into Finder stuff. Literally, I click on a share in the sidebar in the Finder window, and then after an epic wait it'll finally connect. Curiously, all of my 10.6 machines suffer from this problem, but anything running 10.5 or Windows XP connect instantly and happily like they always have.

I had thought it might be my network setup, but if these other OSes can do it the problem must lie elsewhere.

As a side note, once connected, the connections are all fast as normal. It's just getting there. iStat menus show zero network activity whilst connecting as well, on all three machines.