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16th September 2009, 05:48 PM
Think I posted this to the wrong topic earlier - Hope someone can help....

I have a vista laptop and imac OSX 10.5.7. In Australia, both these computers connected wirlessly to the Netgear dg834gs router/modem.

I have just moved to HK and got internet supplied by PCCW. They supplied a modem (not wifi) which is also used for the Cable TV they provide.

First of all I connected both the laptop and then imac via a wire to the modem that they provided. Internet worked fine on both. I then attached the NG router to the modem, configured the router by putting in the Modems PPPoE name and password and got both computers working fine through a wired connection to the router.

Finally I connected the Laptop wirelessly no problem. The issue is that the imac just wont work wirelesssly.(although the router is recognised by the Mac and says connected there are no green lights on the wifi thing on the toolbar and it says "tyou are not connected to the internet" when I open a safari page. I have tried everything and searched forums for the last 2 days trying so many different things. I am sure it must be something simple but I just cant work it out. Can anyone help.

BTW - I am not a techie!!


16th September 2009, 05:51 PM
The problem is that you probably don't use PPPoE in HK via this system - it's probably, by the sounds of it, a cable modem. This is a simple device - that will go into bridge mode when you plug it into your router. Your settings for the router will probably need it to be a dhcp server.

The make of your modem is probably Scientific Atlanta, or Motorola - though that's only from experience in US and UK cable modems.... HK of course may have different systems.

17th September 2009, 01:24 AM
I think the moden does use PPPoE as this is how i configuerred both computers via the wire to the moden. when i connected the router, i had to input the modems pppoe UN and password to get the router to talk to the modem. could the prob be anything to do with a static ip address?