View Full Version : URL Shorteners - Plenty Of Choice & Functionality

13th September 2009, 12:54 PM
For various reasons I recently revisited url shortening. I have discovered that this area has advanced considerably driven by Twitter etc.

A quite good article on the subject is here URL Shorteners: Which Shortening Service Should You Use? (http://cli.gs/ZL0g6m).

At here URL Toolbox: 90+ URL Shortening Services (http://cli.gs/N2PvMn) is a list of URL shorteners which highlights just a bewildering range of options.

This article here Top 5 URL Shorteners and How They Help You (http://cli.gs/nupq2Q) does help with some options. Most people just want to shorten an URL but options to customise the shortened name seem quite attractive if you are for example a business user or use multiple links so user get an indication of what they are clicking on. I thought the Doiop shortener quite cool even though it is quite basic in functionality.