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30th June 2004, 06:35 PM
Get this... I ordered a 15" 1.5ghz BTO Powerbook (128meg vram, 5400rpm drive and i downgraded to a Combo Drive) on the 12th of June. Today i decided to call the Apple Centre (I won't name them) and the guy tells me it is in, but they were waiting for the ram to come in before contacting me. Being the impatient type, I ask if i can pick it up now and then return later to get the extra ram i ordered, and he says that's ok. I drive 45 minutes or so to the Apple Centre (it's the closest EDU reseller to me) and pay off the balance. He goes out the back and returns with the Powerbook. I'm all excited but then he mentions the sticker on the side of the box says it's a 1.33 BTO, and apple must have gotten it wrong. Thinking it'd be safer to check now, so I go to the car and check the contents of the box and sure enough, there are no backlight keys on the keyboard, and the serial number panel under the battery also states it's a 1.33 powerbook. I take it back into the store and the guy has a look and confirms it is actually an incorrect order. He calls the head office and apparently someone at the office had ordered the wrong computer.

Here is where it gets interesting though, it was ordered on the 12th of june so it should be covered under the 3 year tricare warranty (with edu purchases). Now i have no idea what is going to happen as they will most likely need to reorder the powerbook, and as it is after the 28th, the edu tricare warranty doesn't exist anymore. If apple had made the mistake, i'm sure they would straighten everything out, but from what i can gather (reading many of the mac forums), Apple don't treat the resellers very well, so chances are Apple will just say "tough luck!". I guess i just need to see what happens, but if i don't get tricare, i certainly don't want the powerbook. Anyone know how forgiving apple are when it comes to these kinda of mistakes. I made sure i ordered it early so i didn't miss out on the edu warranty, but it hasn't really made a difference. I really hope i'm not the one who loses out in this, cause it'll be pretty upsetting to have them turn around and say "sorry, there's nothing we can do".

30th June 2004, 06:51 PM
Raw Deal. Once you get the laptop YOU WANT. Call Apple and ask them for warranty details, if they say one year, explain what you just have on the forum. If you think you are getting nowhere, demand to speak to a line manager in sales, and persist, if they say they will call you back, get their direct phone number, and if you don't hear from them in a day, call them back.

Hammer them, and you will probably get the three year warranty!

30th June 2004, 07:12 PM
Think you should be right... with the EDU warranty...

I was going to order a BTO 17" loaded with the big three options:
RAM, HDD, video
and the guy in the shop - said as long as I ordered it before the 28 June - I'd get the 3 yr warranty...

but then as we were chatting a truck rolled up outside the shop with a heap of new stock...
so quickly, in my head I discounted the faster HDD (I'll need an external firewire HDD anyway sometime for storage - so that will be super quick), and will I notice the upgrade to the other?

As a result - they chucked the extra RAM in my Powerbokk whilst I swped my credit card - and I walked out of the shop with a very cool 17" 1.5GHz Powerbook.

Hope you get your REAL Powerbook soon mate!

1st July 2004, 09:00 PM
I feel for you mate. You probably should've just ordered online - seems there was little to no benefit of ordering the CTO through the reseller. As DJY noted, they're great for getting off the shelf stuff that you can take home straight away, but when you customise something for yourself, it's probably better to make sure you're the one who puts the actual order through so you have more control and less chance for slip ups.

But, I did a bit of hunting - I'm not sure how this works with the resellers offering their EDU prices/terms, but the Apple Online store hasn't yet changed its 'Terms and Conditions' with regard to the EDU warranties - which, as far as I'm aware, means that they're still bound by those terms until they are updated, and must offer you the three year warranty if you order today! So print out a copy right now and keep it handy! But I'm not sure how this works with resellers, who may have already changed their warranty terms (if those are different to Apple Online's terms).

Anyway - I hope it works out for you - keep us informed, and let us know what you think of your new Powerbook!

2nd July 2004, 09:24 PM
good news!!!! i called them today and they have reordered the powerbook i wanted. they also spoke to apple and apparently i will still be getting the tricare warranty, so i am pretty relieved (the only reason i wanted to buy new was because of the 3 year warranty, otherwise i just would have purchased second hand). now to wait another couple weeks for it to come in :)

3rd July 2004, 02:54 PM
I ordered a pBook of almost exactly the same stats as yours, and it took ages to get to me. At least it was the right one when it arrived! :P

But it should get to you soon, as they are shipping much faster, now that demand has quietened down a little. I ordered mine just after updates were announced, so there was the predictable mad ruch as everyone ordered them, tying up supply lines. :)

Dont worry... they are well worth the wait! :D


4th July 2004, 09:40 AM
Cool bananas - glad it all worked out well :)