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3rd September 2009, 05:30 PM
Hi troops! Well, trying to install SL. I'm pretty useless when it comes to the guts of a computer, that's why I like Mac. Easy to use out of the box. So here's my issue....

Put the disc in, it says my disc isn't partitioned in GUID, so I need to boot from the Leopard disc and do it that way. Tried that, but it is saying it will erase my disc and start over again. Ok.....

So, questions, and please excuse the newbie sound to these questions, as I said I am illiterate under the hood!

I have backed everything up, disc repaired, updated all software, etc. So, when I boot from the Leopard disc and it erases everything, how do I get all my files from my external drive back onto the MBP? Just drag and drop? Does it ask me what I want to do?

When I start from the OSX disc, holding down C to get it to boot from there, do I need to have my external hard drive plugged in at the same time?

Is all this necessary? I can't change to GUID from disc utility at the moment, so I guess an erase and re-do is the only way, but I am shit scared of not being able to put all my "stuff" back onto to my laptop....sounds wimpy I know, but there it is!

So, any help would be appreciated. Even a link to how to install computer stuff would be helpful!