View Full Version : versioning/simultaneous editing of documents

2nd September 2009, 09:51 AM
I am increasingly working on collaborative papers and seeking a means for automatic versioning of papers and/or (preferred) multiple users being able to simultaneously edit a document.

The later would be like a subversion repository, though only for word processing documents (overkill?)

From what I understand, google docs allows multiple users to edit (or maybe it is just the ease of access) though google is evil and I avoid. I have my own server if that will suffice. I can install google docs on my server, though would only do so if it does not 'phone home' and add to google's monster dbase (i.e. if it would be a fully self contained install).

I also work in Pages, with others working in doc format (PC users) which adds another step for me (export to .doc format).

Anyone have some tips/advice. This is a telecommute environ so a local server does not suffice would need to be online.