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12th July 2005, 12:40 PM
Well i updated Tiger on my iBook a while ago now.. but havent yet done it on my eMac.. mainly due to the reason i dont see how i can.. i know i can do an update.. and a archive and an install.. but i really wouldnt mind do a clean install to remove all the nasties that have gathered up in my system.

Okay so i have a 20gb iTunes folder.. a 30GB iMovie folder.. and on my brothers side he has a 10gb iTunes folder and a 10gb iMovie folder... and thats about it of the important stuff.. i ended up putting all my photos on my iBook.. seeing my iBook has a 30GB hard drive (yes i wish i made it bigger.. but for school i thought this should be fine.. which it is btw) so i can put my music over to that.. but my movie folder wouldnt fit any where.. and neither would my brothers things.. and theres no way i can get an external hard drive.. so im thinking i want to keep all that but install tiger.. so what should i do?

is there anyway to say keep all those folders on a seperate part of the hard drive.. then it clean installs osx 10.4 and then i just drag those folders back into there respective areas.. my only thought of this is by creating another partion? have any of you got any suggestions or help for me.. it would be greatly appreciated.. thanks

DVD Plaza
12th July 2005, 03:48 PM
An iPod would be your best friend ;)

12th July 2005, 03:52 PM
A 70 gig iPod?

What about making a partition on the hard drive and store all these, and then do the format, on the other partition with the OS?

EDIT - Sorry Re read post - Yeah, Make the other partition

12th July 2005, 04:00 PM
DO NOT partition your Hard disk if you want to keep the data on it.

You'll have to back the data up somewhere before you do anything drastic...

If i were you, i'd just do an upgrade install of Tiger for now.