View Full Version : Werid Noise From Powerbook G3 Speakers?

7th July 2005, 11:20 AM
Hello All,

I managed to get a Powerbook G3 266Mhz with Cd, Floppy, and a 4Hour Battery, with Brand New Adapter, 10gig HDD, all in near to new condition (not joking! still smells new!) running OS 9.2.2
for $195

Now i'll get straight to the point, When i go turn on the Powerbook from the speakers somes this noise like as if you were blowing air out of your mouth, it addmits that and won't turn on but thats only on battery power when i put it to the adapter it'll work fine, then if i were turn it off and unplug it, and turn it on from the battery it works fine but if i leave it for more than 2 days it does this.
Sometimes it boots off battery power sometimes it dosen't. this problem dosen't really bother me becasue it usually turns on i just want to know what's wrong with it.