View Full Version : Parallels 4.0 - reverting back from Vista Business to XP Pro

7th August 2009, 06:26 AM
I sent my new Macbook Pro up with Parallels running Vista Business edition and my company IT Manager isn't happy about supporting it so he's asked me to uninstall Vista and install Windows XP Pro.

I've read through the Parallels forum and support docs and I couldn't find how to uninstall Vista without uninstalling Parallels, so I've uninstalled Parallels completely and will reinstall it again to then install XP Pro.
Question, when I uninstalled Parallels, would that have automatically wiped Vista off my system as well or do I have to manually remove that?
Just don't want a wacking great amount of disc space taken up by an App I'm not using.

Mac Ram
7th August 2009, 07:54 AM
Have a look in your documents folder in OS X. There should be a Parallels folder within there - this will contain your VM - probably called something like Windows Vista.pvm.

For future reference you can delete the VM without deleting parallels. Launch the VM and select file>remove from the parallels menu.