View Full Version : Equation Editor in Word 2008 Grey Boxes!! errgh!

6th August 2009, 12:56 PM
I have searched the internet to no avail. Can anyone help?

I am using Word 2008 for Mac and the documents I am working on contain very complex equations made using equation editor. A few weeks ago I learned how to open the EE app which worked, and the equations made in the documents seemed to work well.

Today however, no matter what document I open all I get is a greyed out box where the equation object should be. It is doing my head in. i don't want to have to re-type these equations which go for miles into the Editor when they have already been done.

Anyone have any experience with this?


6th August 2009, 01:03 PM
Ok, I think I might have an explanation to this for anyone else who might search for this issue.

The document I am working on was originally created in WORD 2007 (PC), and apparently the Equations contained therein WILL NOT Render(??), basically they will not work in Word 2008 for Mac - very bad!.

Luckily I run Parallells and also own my own copy of WORD 2007 where it works beautifully. PHEW!

So I answered my own question, but good in case someone else comes across the problem.