View Full Version : Office 2008 Updating when installed outside /Applications

27th July 2009, 04:04 PM
A tip for anyone that uses disk partitions.
I was frustrated at the weekend to discover that Office 2008 updater will not update an Office folder unless it is installed in the /Applications directory.

I've come across a few apps that don't like being outside /Applications, but Office is a biggie to copy back and forth for an update. -I try and keep most non Apple applications and the user directories on separate disk partitions from the OS so it is easy to reinstall the OS.

I tried to fool it by placing a normal alias of the folder in /Applications, but this didn't work, so I tried creating a symbolic link next and that worked just fine. The update installer was then happy to update my Office 2008 folder, fooled into thinking it was living in /Applications by the symbolic link.

In terminal
sudo ln -s /Volumes/YourAppsDisk/Microsoft\ Office\ 2008 /Applications/Microsoft\ Office\ 2008