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25th June 2004, 01:36 AM
i have been told that mac's have an issue when transfering documents between themselves and pc's. something about incompatible fonts.
this doesn't seem to be a great problem to me, i am currently looking at purchasing a 14" ibook, and i am constantly trying to be talked out of it. i'd like some constructive arguments, possiblely either way, as to what the benifits of each would be. i would also like to know compatibility issues if they exist. i really need to be able to interface with pcs, but i like that macs and depending on the problems, and therefore the required solutions...
incase you didn't guess i'm a mac pre-newbie.
thanks for you help.

25th June 2004, 06:36 AM
Hi there.

I just went through a similar dilema before purchasing my 12" powerboook. So far I havn't had any problems sharing files between my powerbook and my PC. No files have corrupted during transfer or been unreadable with the right program.

I went with the powerbook over the wintel lappy because I liked the form factor and wannted to try a different OS. I'm happy I did try it as OSX is IMO much nicer than windows. I am still learning the ins and outs of my mac but I am happy with it so far.

I wanted a laptop for UNI work, taking notes in lectures, doing homework on the train and in between lectures. I was sick of using the terminals at UNI as they are slow and don't save any settings with your login (the windows ones anyay, unix ones are a different story). I havn't had a chance to test it yet as I got my laptop during the exam period. But I have been using it more and more lately and i am quite confident that it will be more than up to the tasks I will put it through.

As for wintel laptops. The only one that I really liked was more than double the price of my powerbook. And that one was the nice Toshiba one with the twisting screen that morphed into a tablet PC. This would of been good for taking notes and then switchign to drawing diagrams during lectures. Not sure how practical it would of been, but the idea was there.

25th June 2004, 08:25 AM
I think the basic subset of fonts used nowadays are the same on Macs and PC's anyway, so usually it's not an issue. I've transferred the odd Excel file from my wife's PC (when she had one, it's now an iBook), and all I had to do was select all and change the font to something on the Mac (the fonts were Japanese, which *are* different) and everything was fine.

25th June 2004, 09:47 AM
If you use Office 2004 on the Mac (there is a cheap educational edition) you won't have any problems with fonts. I'm a uni lecturer and just had 100+ essays submitted as word documents from all sorts of versions of word from 97 upwards. Also, quite a few excel spreadsheets with macros. So far no problems at all - all fonts, layouts and macros have worked fine.

NeoOffice/J also does a very good job of these sorts of documents if you are looking for free software.

As I constantly straddle the two OS worlds, I can say that the so-called problems are few and far between. The only hassle I have had is if someone wants to give me an Access file.


25th June 2004, 10:21 AM
Compatibility has never been a problem for me. I nearly went sony for a while and then I compared the features "I wanted" and the sony lost to an 12inch G4 ibook. The sony was a great machine and fitted my criteria

A - Long Battery Life (3hrs ++)
B - Looks good
C - Light and portable
D - In built wireless

But at $4500 for the little Viao (sp?) it was a LOT more expensive, only their non wireless clunky models with poor battery life compared price wise to the ibook.

I found Wintel "light and wireless" models to be much more expensive. The ibook cost $2100 with maxed ram and an airport card.

The 12inch ibook was a perfect fit in all fields for me. That said I "could have" went sony if only their prices where more inline with the ibook.

I guess look at what you need and find both apple and wintel machines and then compare on something like price.

29th June 2004, 06:16 PM
I have a G3 iBook, running OS X 10.3.4 and since getting it with 10.2.x I have not had one single issue with compatibility.

My wife uses it with a USB thumb drive with Excel files from an XP machine at her work.

I am constantly trading data with PC users, mates, LAN parties etc... and me being the only mac guy...have not had any trouble either way of the fence.