View Full Version : OSX upgrade checklist

speedway boy
22nd July 2009, 10:54 AM
I'm finally upgrading to Leopard on my main edit machine.
Just want to see if you guys concur on my upgrade procedures. If there is any other step worth doing.

Currently running
macpro 2x 2.66ghz dual core intel xeon with 5gig ram.

Have internal raid on three drives
Have external RAID 5 from esata card

My upgrade checklist

Run ONYX on system drive so current OSX that will be on clone is running a smooth as possible.
- run maintenance scripts (permissions, and standard maintenance scripts daily, weekly monthly.)
HAVEN'T run reset or optimize options (Overkill?)

Run superduper for external drive clone

upgrade OSX (don't see any options on install disk for any different way of intalling)

run updates
run updates again

Run ONYX on new OSX

That about right??