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14th July 2009, 04:06 PM
I had bought something last Thursday night through the Apple Online Store. Ships within 24 hours. Delivery expected 13 - 14th July. Cool. Got the Shipped Email and the Invoice last night - so waited at the office all day today for the trusty TNT guy....

Ever had this email?

Dear Apple Store Customer,
Thank you for you recent order with the Apple Online Store.
Due to a shipping issue, the delivery of your order has been delayed. We anticipate that your order will now be delivered one business day later than we originally advised.
To get the latest information with regards to your shipment, please refer to the tracking link provided in your Shipping Notification email.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
Kind regards,
Apple Online Store

I did this afternoon. Funny thing is, I'd already spoken to TNT this afternoon and they blamed Apple for not having the goods ready for shipping last night when they went to pick it up.

I rang Apple. They say the goods left last night and should have been delivered by TNT today.

TNT just rang me back. They have the goods now (in Sydney) and can deliver to me at home tomorrow (I'm not at the office tomorrow) but it will cost me more, and they'd need Apple's approval which can take a couple of days so don't expect delivery until Friday at the earliest. So, second best option is to deliver to the original address at work on Thursday. They can nearly guarantee it'll be here. :)

Just interesting to see the blame game between Apple and TNT.