View Full Version : Syncing becoming a pain with photos (iphone 3Gs)

14th July 2009, 02:17 PM
-USB my iphone to my pc
-Iphone pops up on itunes
-Click on phone icon and over to photos tab

From here only one thing is clickable, the sync photos from "My Pictures" butten. Problem is I cant change the drop down to anything else, only "My Pictures", and I cant click on anything else.
If I do click on the "sync photos from: My Pictures" butten. it comes up with a lovely message like this

"Are you sure you want to sync photos? All Existing photos and albums on the iPhone "Owners name" will be replace with photos and albums from the selected folder"

Well I dont want to erase or replace the photos I already have on my phone and I dont want that folder of pictures on my phone. I want to choose a different folder especiall not one that has over 4,000 pictures in it.
Anyone know how I can do this. I've tried it without auto sync on and everything.

Thanks everyone

14th July 2009, 02:44 PM
Never mind, apperantly I just didnt have it set up with the computer Im currently on (the whole you can only have up to 5 computers to transfer between or whatever).
So if anyone has this problem, check that out, could be it.