View Full Version : Mail problem after Leopard install

14th July 2009, 10:49 AM
I searched around this site and the internet but haven't found any other report of this problem which arose after at last I upgraded my Mac Pro to Leopard, and also updated all Apple softwares to latest versions.

All is well, except that now Mail has lost functionality where previously there was no problem. And the functions are pretty basic. Like, I cannot create a new mail message! None of the possible method (cmd-N, selection via menu bar, or pressing the "New Message" button) work. I can't forward messages either. Everything else seems to work OK.

The only way I can send a new email now is by replying to an existing one, and changing the email address if I need to send to someone who has not already sent me a message. This will get tiresome quite soon.

Has anyone encountered this problem, or does anyone have any suggestions to fix this?