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30th June 2009, 07:56 PM
Just starting last night firefox and safari refuse to open facebook, myspace and certain google links, it even wont open the apple site, but it does open mactalk, OCAU, ShockMansion and some other sites i frequent.

I did a time machine restore to a few days ago on firefox and that didnt do anything, i also "cleared private data" in firefox to no avail. I did a google and there is some yahoo answers for people having the same problem of not being able to open facebook and myspace, but allas that is another webpage that my browser refuses to load.

So if anyone could copy and paste the info from a google search "facebook and myspace dont load" and the yahoo answer for it, OR give me any advice on how to fix this damn problem i would be estatic.

Thank y'all ;)

2nd July 2009, 01:27 PM
Straight from yahoo answers:

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I had the very same issue.

1.) try visiting the sites by IP only (instead of "____.com", type in these numbers:
facebook -
myspace -

If that works, and you can navigate from there, it may be that your router cached an incorrect IP. Try unplugging the router and after 20 seconds plugging it back in. You could also go into settings dis/enable DNS-masking.

2.) It could be an issue with computer settings. Check here and see if any of these fit your particular problem:

3.) Your computer may be infected with the Vundo trojan. Check here:
Installare Firefox su Windows (http://support.mozilla.com/it/kb/Firefox)...


I believe it has to do with your Java environment. I had the same problem and downloaded the newer java version and the explorer had no problems loading those sites.
Go to java.com: Java + You (http://www.java.com) for the latest java environment.