View Full Version : Safari - Unexpected error (readystate=4, status=412)!

24th June 2009, 03:35 PM
Can someone explain what this error means? I'm visiting original movie props, screen used wardrobe, replica movieprops and movie costumes (http://www.yourprops.com), but when I do a search query on the site Safari keeps throwing up the error. I emailed the site owner and he said no one else appears to be getting the error - even those on Macs. Originally I thought there might be an issue with Safari 3.2.3 as the site owner said a friend of his is on a Mac, but using Safari 4.0. so I updated to 4.0.1, but the error still appears.

I decided to activate the error console and will send the site owner screenshots of the script which highlights where the errors are occuring so the webmaster can see what is going on. The script highlights the following errors throughout:

TypeError: Result of expression 'xmlDocument' [undefined] is not an object.

Unmatched </input> encountered. Ignoring tag.

However I find it strange the website error is apparently not affecting anyone else who visits the site. How could this be possible?