View Full Version : What's up with Optus's Usage meter?

22nd June 2009, 07:46 AM
Hi guys,

Well it is now Monday morning on the 22 June. My usage meter on the Optus web site has not been updated since Friday, 19 June. Surely this isn't really good enough. I still don't really understand why it is never updated in real time anyway, but 3 days seems a ridiculously long amount of time since the last update of my usage.

Just venting,



Devil rolla
22nd June 2009, 12:35 PM
Ditto with me 2, mobile and mobilebroadband

22nd June 2009, 01:03 PM
Maybe changes around the data use on mobile phones?

I still find the whole thing about delays in usage updates to be very poor on plans that have excess usage charges.