View Full Version : iTunes quits when syncing iPhone (3.0)

17th June 2009, 09:00 PM

I bought some new music from the iTunes Store last night. Once it was downloaded I went to sync my iPhone 3G (running developers 3.0) but before it finished syncing, iTunes force quit itself.

I've tried un-checking the new songs and various other things like TV Shows and Apps but it still won't sync and iTunes continues to crash.

I need to sync my iPhone, any suggestions?


20th June 2009, 04:39 AM

I am a developer and I had the same problem with my 3.0 sync and reinstalling iTunes got me going again. Don't worry - no need to back up your music, movies, or podcasts, as these files are stored in a different area (your Music folder).

Apple outlines the process for OSX, here:
Removing iTunes for Mac OS X (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1224)

The whole process takes 15 minutes, but is well worth it! :)

Good luck!