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19th June 2004, 09:42 PM
Ever had those times when you're just...BORED? Anyway... Um...what to say, what to say... (As you can probably tell I don't do this popping into forums often).

Alright, i'm a uni student in Sydney who I guess you could say just switched back to mac. I recently bought myself one of the new powerbooks (15") and am really happy with it. My last mac was a long time ago, a Performa 6400/200 'Video Editing Edition' if I remember correctly, which was a lot of fun but a long time ago now. For various reasons I've been using Windows and Unix since but never happy with it.

Congrats to your effort developing this site/community, Australia sure does need it - a friendly face. Simply because of edu discount and simplicity, I was originally going to buy my powerbook from an apple centre. Once there, after asking a couple of questions about it I started getting a story about a thief stealing a powerbook earlier, seemingly directed at me? Plus, on asking another guy working there if I could get a certain promotion which the first guy had suggested to me with the edu discount he simply laughed at me and walked off. Yeah, great customer service guys! Obviously I didn't buy my powerbook there. I was hoping that Apple in Australia may have improved since I was involved with it last... obviously not.

Well this post sure has been pointless! I kept my word. (Been studying for finals all day, can you blame me? A bit hard when I just want to keep playing around with xcode and the other developer tools...)

19th June 2004, 09:51 PM
Welcome to appletalk, eni. Good to see new users. :)

If you're *that* bored, pop in to #apple on irc.oz.org, and we'll try to entertain you. :P