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18th June 2005, 03:55 AM
99mac.se (http://www.99mac.se/) went to taiwan recently, and came back with loads of snaps of Not-Apple gear.

This (http://media.99mac.se/bildreportage/computex2005/pages/IMG_6512_2.html) and this (http://media.99mac.se/bildreportage/computex2005/pages/IMG_6516.html) are Not-G5s. If Not-G5s are too large for you, perhaps you might like a not Mac-mini (http://media.99mac.se/bildreportage/computex2005/pages/IMG_6521.html), or perhaps another style of Not-Mac-mini here (http://media.99mac.se/bildreportage/computex2005/pages/IMG_6560.html) and here (http://media.99mac.se/bildreportage/computex2005/pages/IMG_6561.html).

If you're not into computers, you might care for a pink Not-iPod-mini like this (http://media.99mac.se/bildreportage/computex2005/pages/IMG_6513_2.html) or a gold one like this (http://media.99mac.se/bildreportage/computex2005/pages/IMG_6515.html). Of course they come in many other not-Apple colours too (http://media.99mac.se/bildreportage/computex2005/pages/IMG_6575.html). If the Not-iPod-mini is too small, go for a Not-iPod itself, like this (http://media.99mac.se/bildreportage/computex2005/pages/IMG_6564.html) and this too (http://media.99mac.se/bildreportage/computex2005/pages/IMG_6565.html). For the buyer who wants something small, how about a Not-iPod-Shuffle (http://media.99mac.se/bildreportage/computex2005/pages/IMG_6567.html).

Of course, some people will always be after the elusive 1 terabyte Not-iPod, so you can get one of those too! (http://media.99mac.se/bildreportage/computex2005/pages/IMG_6577.html).

Rather cute is a card reader that looks like the Not-G5 above (http://media.99mac.se/bildreportage/computex2005/pages/IMG_6589.html).

And somewhere hidden in this copy-land is a real, honest to goodness iPod - made by Apple. No shit! (http://media.99mac.se/bildreportage/computex2005/pages/IMG_6590.html)


18th June 2005, 07:12 AM
oh man !

thanks for that, jesus they try to copy but they look like SHIT !, although the card reader isnt bad, maybe if they removed that stupid looking handle then it would look better.

18th June 2005, 07:15 AM
Watch it the :) The G5 has that handle :)

The Twanise are huge inivators :)

But I'm sure there was a lot of other things there to, which were not Apple Copy

But I can't see why Apple have not hit the legal system?

18th June 2005, 08:35 AM
I'll take it as flattery.

I think its great how quickly these Asians are catching on. Atleast if you are a user of both PC and Mac. Then you can have a decent looking PC sitting next to your thing of beauty.

pipsqeek :thumbup:

18th June 2005, 09:21 AM
The second rip-off G5 case doesn't look so bad, but it's probably plastic and the tin innards cut your fingers to bits after working on the bloody thing :)


18th June 2005, 10:02 AM
i'm soooo getting a Super Tangent!!!! do they sell them in europe already?

18th June 2005, 11:50 AM
iPod in the toilet....No Thanks.