View Full Version : Illustrator 11 CS can't save or save as with PDF solution fix

4th June 2009, 03:52 PM
hi there, I have been searching the net for a quick fix to this problem. it seems that quite a few people have experienced it. You install AI and cannot save a file that is PDF compatible, error -43 comes up, unknown error etc. A friend a long time ago gave me a CD with some Adobe support files on it that you dump into MAC HD/LIBRARY/APPLICATION SUPPORT/ADOBE and presto it is fixed. So if anyone needs this solution then please let me know, email me on tobylawson79@hotmail.com and I can send you a CD of it. it's 240MB so I can't really get it to you over the net (our ADSL aint that flash), cheers! i hope this alleviates some frustration for some peops :-) Toby