View Full Version : Microsoft Entourage being really "not" nice

31st May 2009, 10:19 AM
Just discovered a rather deceiving and "un-nice" glitch in Microsoft Office 2008 - Home and Student Edition for Mac - in the former Microsoft Office 2004 - Home and Student Edition for Mac, one could use Microsoft Entourage as a perfectly good emailer on an Exchange Server, yet when the User purchases the 2008 Edition and the Microsoft User Data folder is imported back into Entourage, it produces this message:


The utter bathtards !

The Office 2008 Standard Edition costing over $320 more than the Office 2008 Home and Student Edition.

No argument here over what's best used over an exchange server - just a warning to others who may be contemplating an upgrade, in order to read the newer .docx / .pptx file formats, and still use Entourage as the emailer on an exchange.

Microsoft got greedy again.

31st May 2009, 11:16 AM
When I bought my MacBook Air last year to use at work, I had to get the "Standard" edition of MS Office to make sure I'd have no issues with the work Exchange server.

It really does suck, but then I suppose the rationale is that very view "home" or "student" suers will need to link to an Exchange server.