View Full Version : How A Website's Icon Appear On The Desktop?

4th June 2005, 01:52 PM
How can a website's icon be made to display on the desktop when dragged from Safari of Firefox URL field, insead of the @ icon?

4th June 2005, 05:32 PM
I don't think it can. Have you seen otherwise?

Website icons (as far as I know) can only be 16x16 or 32x32, whereas OS X icons are 128x128.

4th June 2005, 07:07 PM
I'm not sure what you mean by "Website Icons", if you mean the little "G" for Google, which appears next to the adress bar? Thats called a Favicon icon, they can ONLY be 16x16. You can copy that icon to your hard drive, by going to the root folder of the website (www.google.com/favicon.ico), and dragging it to your desktop. But OS X does an excellent job of making images icons. So if all you want to do is make a document have a favicon icon, just say and I will explain it in more detail.

28th June 2005, 07:08 PM
Hey titan, welcome to appletalk ;).

You can't change the default icon, but there are a few things you can do still:

Create your own icons!
You can grab any image on your screen and easily turn it into an icon: Take a screenshot of anything on your screen and copy it to the clipboard with :cmd: control shift four. Icons are square, so you get best results if you select a square area - but you don't have to.
Get info ( :cmd: I) on the file destined for your icon
Click once on the little icon (top left). Paste your new icon in ( :cmd: V).


Download any one of the cool icons at http://interfacelift.com/icons-mac/