View Full Version : Outlook calender sync with iPhone

3rd April 2009, 11:30 AM

I'm having some issues syncing my calender with my iPhone.

To be specific, I'm at work using Groupwise, and have managed to use outlook. I can get singular events to sync ok but when i try to do recurring events so for example every saturday for 10 weeks at 10:30am - 11am.

In outlook it looks fine but when i sync my iphone with outlook calender via itunes it replicates itself in ical every day for a ten week period as an all day event.

I have looked into NotifyLink as a solution which i will look into installing on our servers at work. But for now i would like to see if this solution works because the same thing happens with Nokia phones, i.e. 6120.

Any assistance would be most appreciated.

EDIT: I have seemed to understand what the iPhone's calender is doing. When setting an event or appointment to reoccur on a Wednesday and the following wednesday. A metting for example, so the meeting starts at 10:00am and finished 11:00am. I would like to have that same meeting time the following wednesday. What the phone does though, it doesnt understand to replicate the meeting, it thinks that you want to start to meeting at 10am and finish at 11am the following week, hence creates "All-day events" for all days in between.

Sorry this is quite confusing, anyone have any help now?