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31st May 2005, 08:27 PM
Thinking about getting an iSight to use for video chats with distant relatives but want to understand if I need to factor in a step-up in my broadband package - currently have ~1gb/month spare typically.

If both parties are using Tiger (thus H.264) 192kbps - I believe. But what should I expect to get within my Gb - 10 minutes/month, 60 minutes ???

What if the other party is not on Tiger (or, heaven forbid, on the other system)?

31st May 2005, 09:19 PM
Hi perthmacuser,

I spent a lot of time researching & using videoconferencing apps in my other life on Pc's & I did not experience any great leap in broadband throughput ... just experiment & see how it goes. The PC world has made a little more progress in this space than Mac. Just like text messenging to be really useful video confrencing needs a method to communicate across versions & platforms. Tools like Trillian (PC) & Adium (Mac) are examples of the type of approach needed. I have never used iChat, which is quite a blot given the time I have spent researching this area. However, its a truism that the better the hardware & broadband connection, the better the result you are going to get. I am not sure how well iChat works across Mac OS systems, ... I presumed iChatAV2.1 would only work on Tiger ... but believe you can video chat with WIN XP users provided they are running AIM & may be able to audio chat with Win users running Trillian. Videochat for personal users is a very fragmented space. Go to http://www.kolabora.com/index.htm for a lot of info re this area.

As I type this I see Skype has launched Skypevideo for Windows - hopefully Mac will not be far behind!

31st May 2005, 10:34 PM
on ichat you can limit the speed throughput.... in prefrences

31st May 2005, 10:58 PM
Ok, thanks. Enough reassurance to let me acquire a new toy.