View Full Version : iBook will not allow me to put a disc in?

27th March 2009, 04:35 PM
My iBook will not currently allow me to put a disc in, (there is still the possibility that there is a disc in, but it seems to be going in deep enough, and when wedging a bussiness card in there, I cannot feel a CD)

So why wont it let me put in a CD?

27th March 2009, 05:19 PM
It could be that the mechanism itself has failed mechanically, or perhaps someone has tried to load a mini-CD or business-card CD (both of which will gum up the drive).

If you restart and hold the mouse button (or trackpad clicker) down, any disc in the drive should eject. If nothing ejects, or tries to, then the optical drive has failed and needs replacement.

27th March 2009, 09:24 PM
Had this happen on a 12" 867 PowerBook G4 a couple of years ago. I noticed it as soon as the owner wanted me re-install a fresh copy of OSX.

The disk would not slide in as it usually does.
So I took a peak:
It was physical, on the PowerBook I could see that the slot load was bent.

Thank god I have netboot to make the images, this made a good "dumb terminal"
Is this iBook a slot load, or one of the Older tray loads?

28th March 2009, 08:53 AM
it is the slot load. (I really do not want to get the drive replaced. (mainly due to lack of funds at all - suppose that is why I am using an iBook))

28th March 2009, 09:07 AM
probably cheaper to just buy an external drive. How often do you use it?!

29th March 2009, 12:14 PM
I use it very often, I am thinking about taking it into NextByte to get their opinion.