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26th March 2009, 02:53 PM
I had my 60 Gb hard drive retrieved out of my water damaged Mac 15 Powerbook by the I-ResQ folks and everything returned to me because damage was too unpredictable to diagnose & expensive to fix. Id like to retrieve data off this HD, so I bought a Thermaltake docking station to help make this transfer to another Powerbook G4 same OS. But, alas it wont fit into slots - the HD seems to about 46 pins across in a double row of pins
And the Thermaltake only has a single row pair of female slots 8 & 16 pins?
I thought sure this would be easy number. Am I missing an adapter or something?

How else to access this hard drive data?


26th March 2009, 02:59 PM
Firstly... you're in the Photography Thread... someone - etc

Secondly, if a pro said it would be too expensive and gave it back, it kinda looks like they were talking about removing the actual platters inside the dead drive and transplanting them into a new drive, to attempt without knowing for sure - to glean the lost data, which = expensive.

Thirdly, your 60GB may be a PATA / IDE Hard Drive and you're trying to place it into a SATA II connection.

Contact MacMedic (http://www.macmedic.com.au/index.html).

27th March 2009, 05:12 PM
You could of just bought one of those cheapie enclosures for a 2.5" HDD.

They're around $30.00 and have USB as the connector.

Once you've retrieved the data, you'll have a portable HDD!