View Full Version : iMac dropping network access...

23rd March 2009, 08:26 AM
First my setup:

Bigpond ADSL2+
Speedtouch 546i(v6)
Airport Express 802.11n
1 x MBP 2.6 C2D -10.5.5 w/Airport Extreme card
1 x iMac 2ghz C2D 10.5.1 w/Airport Extreme card

I recently installed the new modem and Airport Express and all was fine. It was to replace an older version of a similar setup.

The MBP connected fine with a new network and WPA/WPA2 password (the old network used WEP with almost no issues) and so I proceeded to do the same with the iMac, which is in a different room but still well within range. It took the password and connected, but went down shortly after. It's been intermittent ever since, sometimes up for a few hours.

It was connected to the network apparently (could see the MBP) but the internet wouldn't work, while the airport symbol up top showed the network as locked. It showed all other networks around us too.
The only way to get it reconnected was to got through diagnostics in Sys Prefs, but it would sometimes only last for a few seconds. Other times it would just reconnect of it's own volition.

This is confusing me, as it obviously can connect and work, but changes it's mind and locks down. The password works, but is there something I've missed where it might disconnect all the time?

The only difference I can see, is the iMac shows the password as WPA personal, and the MBP shows WPA2 personal. I did both as WPA/WPA2 so can't see why it does this. It shouldn't work at all if the password is wrong I thought. The MBP has had no issue whatsoever.

Any ideas? I can solve most problems on macs, but now I feel like a luddite, as this is probably the most basic network setup in the world... :confused1: